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Free Full Color Christian Art
for parents, children and churches
Put these scripture posters (at childs' eye level)
in your Church, home or Sunday School.
Click any image to download the mini poster at no cost
Click the pay pal button and get all ten posters (8.5 x 11) for five dollars

add $1 for our "Teach Us to Pray" coloring book,
add a second dollar for
a second coloring book "Putting God First".

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John 8:12
To make the point that
            "God's LIGHT enters the home through his word...
Cut out the cross and tape it in a window.

Bible Poster-1 Corinthians 13:14
Double faced poster tape is is a great way to hang these
on a child's bedroom wall

Bible poster-Romans 10:10
           These mini posters can help
           Make your church "child friendly"
Hang them at eye level,
2 Samuel 22:31
This poster can help a child understand the idea of
Planting a promise and harvesting a blessing
Wise parents will help each child
plant and tend at least ONE promise,

Colossians 3:16
God's word ON DISPLAY in the home is a command (Deuteronomy 11:20).
We pray these mini posters are a help
Carrying a verse with you is also a command. Try the Scripture Strips at,

John 3:7
How we pray THIS poster ends up in Sunday School classrooms worldwide.

Isaiah 41:10
Parents and teachers each have their favorite verse.
THIS VERSE is by far the children's favorite.

Matthew 28:20
Turning to God does not come naturally.
Next time you discover a child had a problem during the day
ASK if he or she PRAYED for Gods' help?
Jeremiah 33:3
Try a visit to
John 8:12

Send this poster home as a REMINDER to parents
that raising Godly children begins and ends
in the home.

Click here to download/print as a bulletin insert.

Raising Godly Children begins and ends in the home.
In the middle is the church.

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Unless otherwise noted all Bible verses are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, King James Version. All other artwork and commentary copyright by Charles White. Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church as long as they are not altered or offered for sale. All other rights reserved.

Raising Godly Children begins and ends in the home.
In the middle is the church.
A great source for free printable Bible Verses...all free and all printable.

Free Printable Bible memory cards for parents and children.

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Best Lord's Prayer Coloring Pages on the Internet.
The children of divorce lose years off their lifespan. These coloring pages can help.
Great helps for children who struggle with anger. His or her greatest danger is a child's own anger. .
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