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Newsletter 1
"Equipping Parents"
Week 2
"Pocket Scriptures"
Week 3
Planting Seed
Week 5
Love 2
Week 6
WHEN to share.
week 7
He Lives
Week 8
Live in Faith
Week 9
Fully Rely
Week 10
About Church
We hope you enjoy the activities and coloring pages.

We pray God blesses your efforts to make Bible verses a HABIT
in the lives of your family and the world's children. Bible, Bible, Bible.

We pray also that you visit www.bibleparent.com
the only webite in the world with FREE, printable,
Daily Bible verses. We call them "Pocket Scriptures"

All artwork and commentary (c) Charles White.
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as long as they are not altered, offered for sale or used to promote
a product, service or website. All other rights reserved
Unless otherwise noted all Scripture is taken from the King James Version
of Holy Scripture.