A Bible verse in a child's pocket helps him learn the verse
It can also give the child the feeling that God is with him.
the whole reason Jesus came to earth.

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22 Verses about anger
Verses about anger

10 Verses about Beauty
Verses about Beauty 

34 Verses about Church
Verses about Church

22 Verses about Fear
Verses about Fear

46 Verses about healing
Verses about healing

46 Verses about the Holy Spirit
Verses about the Holy Spirit

22 Verses about hope
Verses about hope

22 Verses about joy
Verses about joy

22 Verses about being lonely
Verses about being lonely

46 Verses about Godly love
Verses about Godly love

10 Verses about being renewed
Verses about being renewed

10 Verses about God's plan for us
Verses about God's plan for us

  22 Verses about prayer
Verses about prayer

22 Verses about being pure.
Verses about being pure.

22 Verses about salvation
Verses about salvation

22 Verses about sin
Verses about sin

22 Verses about strength
Verzen over kracht

Give your home a Bible Makeover.
Message for Parents: 

Tucking a Bible verse in your child's pocket as he or she leaves the house each morning can give a child a daylong sense of EXPECTATION that God will make it real. It can give a child strength to stand against peer pressure and the will to resist the hoard of temptations that surround us all. Using Pocket Scriptures yourself sets an example your child will notice and remember. On days your child NEEDS your personal attention and there is just not enough of YOU to go around a strip of pocket scriptures and a kiss can be a big help.
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We pray God blesses your efforts to make Daily Bible verses a HABIT
in the lives of the world's children.

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