A Verse a Day, The ONLY Way.
In their pockets, by their beds, by their doorknobs...in their lunch boxes.
Constant REMINDERS that God is with them.
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1. Because God's word is health and life

2. Because it is one of God's commands to parents. Deut. 6:8

3. Because kids learn ONE WORD at a time and a verse a day for six days gives them TIME to learn the big words like faith and love.

4. Because God goes where his word goes. A Bible verse in a child's pocket helps him or her feel safer in an often scary world.

5. Because very few 5-12 year olds are likely to look up a Bible verse on their own… even if they do carry a phone.

6. Because it gives the Holy Spirit a chance to influence the child BEFORE his friends do.

7. Because the child will remember ALL HIS OR HER LIFE starting each day with a Bible verse in their pocket.

All thirty of our nation's leading denominations have given up printing the Bible Memory or Bible Promise cards that were once the heart and soul of childhood in the church. These little cards are nearly extinct. It our/my heartfelt prayer that as many parents as possible take this one step to being the spiritual leader their children need…tucking a Bible verse a day in their pocket. May God help us all remember a verse a day, on their pillow, by their plate or best of all in their pocket.
Free Bible memory cards for children
Charles White is a retired pre school teacher and web editor of www.bibleparent.com

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We pray God blesses your efforts to make scripture a HABIT
in the lives of the world's children.

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