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Those who believe that divorce is not that hard on the kids.
If you already know how bad the news is go to Good News pages
The child of divorce is six times as likely to suffer a serious illness.
Without help boys lose 4.6 to ten years off their lifespan.

Without help girls lose 2.4 to four years.

One out of three children spends a lifetime in and out of drug
dependency programs, psychiatric treatment and or confinement.

They are 70% more likely to be suspended from school.

When the divorce occurs between the ages of 3 and 6 they never
recover academic proficiency.

They are nearly five times as likely to live in poverty all their lives.

They are three times as likely to be divorced themselves.

"Three out of four teenage suicides occur in households where a parent is absent."

Ten years after divorce Eighty women out of a hundred
and 50 men feel more content with their lives.
For children the numbers are very different.
Only one out of ten is happier.

Statistics taken from "The Costly Consequences of Divorce"
Published by the National Institute of Health Research,
Compiled by Dr.'s David and Susan Larsen.
The years of life lost to the children of divorce
is the same as repeating the Oklahoma City Bombing 1,500 times a day
every day of the year.
Printing or forwarding these pages is one way to help.

To restore the lost years of life and rebond with your children
We pray you visit the Good News pages
We pray you enjoy the free coloring book and other helps for the children of divorce.

May divorce draw the entire family closer to God.
The three great resiliency factors for the children of divorce are
Intimate personal relationship with at least one adult...rebonding
Regular Church attendance
Deep Personal Faith

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