COLORING PAGES about God's Holy Word
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The mirror coloring pages teach children that just as we need the mirror for our
eyes to understand, we need the Holy Spirit to teach our hearts.
Inspired by God
King James Translation
Scripture is a Lamp
King James Translation
Scripture builds faith
King James Translation
About the Promises
King James Translation
Remember the Bible
King James Translation
Bible Coloring Divorce 6
King James Translation
God's word Lives
King James Translation
Word of God's grace.
King James Translation
Bible is flawless
King James Translation
Scripture is a sword Free-Bible-Coloring-pages-about-scripture-#11
King James Translation
Bible is Breath of God
King James Translation
Not by Bread Alone
King James Translation
We hope you enjoy the activities and coloring pages.
Free bible coloring pages about scripture itself,
Great for VBS, sunday school or home
We pray God blesses your efforts to make daily Bible verses a HABIT
in the lives of the world's children.

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All artwork and commentary (c) Charles White.
Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church
as long as they are not altered, offered for sale or used to promote
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Unless otherwise noted all Scripture is taken from the King James Version
of Holy Scripture.