The "Bad News" page lists the damage to the kids.
This page offers our best thoughts for fixing the divorce before that damage occurs.
#1 Trust that God is real and can help.
Take the issue and your partner to see a Pastor.

#2. Don't let your own hurt blind you to your spouses hurt.
It is possible to hurt and love at the same time...Jesus did.

#3.Compromise is not a dirty word.
In Asia, Europe and most of the world the inter personal
goal is compromise and peace….not…victory.
God gives us two ears and one mouth to remind us to LISTEN.

#4: Find or form a support group,
men or women who have made their marriages work.

#5. The number one excuse given for divorce is ...finances.
Work out a practical budget...get outside help if you need it.

#6. Put divorce out of your mind.
When we tell ourselves there is another way there usually is.

#7. Cutting your partners head off does not make you taller.
Avoid blaming each other and make asking for forgiveness a HABIT.

#8. Look to the future, Make plans with your spouse and ask
God to give you a dream for what he sees the relationship could become.

#9. Encourage your spouse, look for the good things.
The people who need encouragement the most often deserve it least.

#10, Reason number two marriages fail is expectations,
When rested discuss what you expect of your spouse...real or unreal??

#11, Google it. "How to avoid divorce."
Statistics taken from "The Costly Consequences of Divorce"
Published by the National Institute of Health Research,
Compiled by Dr.'s David and Susan Larsen.
The years of life lost to the children of divorce
is the same as repeating the Oklahoma City Bombing 1,500 times a day
every day of the year.
Printing or forwarding these pages is one way to help.

To restore the lost years of life and rebond with your children
We pray you visit the Good News pages
We pray you enjoy the free coloring book and other helps for the children of divorce.

May divorce draw the entire family closer to God.
The three great resiliency factors for the children of divorce are
Intimate personal relationship with at least one adult...rebonding
Regular Church attendance
Deep Personal Faith

We pray also that you visit www.bibleparent.com
the only webite in the world with FREE, printable,
Daily Bible verses. We call them "Pocket Scriptures"

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