PARENTS color with your children.
Then put the pages ON DISPLAY in your home.

CHURCHES add this invitation to the back of each page.
Have the children in your church put the invitations in Doctors offices etc.
Click any image for a full set of 30 Bible coloring pages.
Each page comes with a MIRROR coloring page
A reminder to hold Bible verses up to God for understanding.
Just as we hold the coloring pages up to a mirror.
Except for book one the pages print as NET Bible or King James.

We pray God blesses your efforts to make Bible coloring pages a daily HABIT
in the lives of the world's children.

We pray also that you visit www.teachustopray.com
Our Lord's prayer coloring pages

All artwork and commentary (c) Charles White.
Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church
as long as they are not altered, offered for sale or used to promote
a product, service or website. All other rights reserved
Unless otherwise noted all Scripture is taken from the King James Version
of Holy Scripture.